Freitag, 28. März 2014


Spring in Vienna apperently is early this year but I don´t mind a bit. I simply love this season when everything is in blossom and the sun is out and summer is just a few more steps away...Enjoy your Saturday wherever you are! 


                                 All above pictures taken in our garden/street with an iPad

Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Egg Delivery

The issue of “greener life-style” or “environmentally friendlier” living has been dominating quite many discussions in my circle of friends in the past few years. I am not a person who is changing everything radically, but with little decisions you can make a real difference. With all these little every day decisions I am hoping to make a statement against this neo-liberalistic consumer society that is being dominated by the different forms of capitalism. Every three weeks I get my eggs delivered fresh from a farmer. I can pay him directly for his products and there is no waste because I return his boxes from the time before. And the real kicker: The taste of these eggs you cannot even compare to the taste of mass-productions eggs from the supermarket. Happy Sunday!

                                 All pictures above taken on the Ipad and modified on Instagram

Samstag, 22. März 2014

Saturday Mornings

There is something about Saturday mornings that I love. Saturdays are about staying in bed a bit longer, not having to rush anywhere and making pancakes.

My favourite pancake recipe:
(feeds usually around 5 hungry kids and 2-3 adults)
  • 6 dl flour
  • 5 table spoons sugar
  • 2 table spoons baking powder
  • 1/2 tea spoon salt
  • 3 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
  • 4 table spoons sunflower oil
  • 3 table spoons melted butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 5 dl milk
Mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl and all the liquids in another. Mix both together and start frying them on medium heat in butter on the pan. Serve with whatever you feel like having.

                                 Above pictures taken by me last Saturday morning

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Vienna from a different angle

A borrowed lens on the camera can do some magic to pictures. Here some shots from Vienna last week...

                                        All above pictures taken with my Nikon by me.

A Sunday Hike in Vienna

 Spring is in the air. And a perfect way to spend the Sunday afternoon was to meet up with friends at a hilltop restaurant for lunch and then walk through the woods of Vienna. I am so blessed to have people around me with whom I can just be myself and share bits and pieces of my life. I have to admit the more time I spend in Vienna, the more I love this city. I mean, look at the pictures below. That is all accessible by public transport...

All above pictures taken with my Nikon.