Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

New Home

My parents decided to move back to Finland after spending 28 years in Austria. For me it means that I have a new home as well that I need to get used to. I think the area is lovely and I already did some nice walks around the little lake beside their house and spent time in the woods just behind their house. Sometimes in life when you loose a place you love and let go, you might gain something even better. I really suck at letting go places and people I love. I have to learn that even though it might hurt, life goes on and you always can see something wonderful if you walk with your eyes wide open.


               Note: None of the houses in the pictures above is my parents. But this is their neighbourhood.
                                                All above pictures taken by me.

Just before the Season of Lights is over...

Some pictures of a rainy, cold Helsinki at night. Despite of the bad weather it really has something adorable...

                                                All above pictures taken with my Nikon.

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

Fireworks of Helsinki

Having the possibility to spend Holidays with family is something special that I have learned to appreciate while living abroad and having family spread all over Europe and Asia. The New Years Eve we spent in Helsinki. First chilling at my brother´s and his girlfriend´s place and then walking around downtown. I can only recommend Helsinki to celebrate. Small, cosy but at the same time big enough to see some amazing fireworks.

                                  All pictures taken with my Nikon on New Years Night

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Two Hours in Tallinn

Every year when driving up to Finland, we pass this neat little city of Tallinn. This year we had two hours in the Old Town while waiting for our ferry to leave. I fell in love with the many little shops and cozy coffee-shops. Tallin, you´ll get me again sooner or later.


                    All above pictures taken with my Nikon on a rainy day just before Christmas.