Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012


                                                 All pictures via thevintagehome

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Japanese Wood Design

It´s a cold & rainy Saturday afternoon over here in Vienna. The perfect time to slurp tea from a huge cup and surf around blogs and get inspired by beautiful things. Like this:

                                     All pictures above taken from keltainentalorannalla-blog

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Little Gifts

Often it´s those unexpected, little reminders of great friends that come by mail when you don´t expect anything. Those little things brighten up my day and now when I use my owl-pen at university, I am daily reminded of the gift of a friend. Sometimes you meet people in places you don´t expect to make any deep connections. Then it happens anyway, you get the possibility to walk together a part of your life-journey together with a person that becomes important. All I can do, is to be thankful for the many possibilities in my life that I met somebody that I connected with and do my part to keep those connections for a lifetime.

                                            Picture above taken by me.

Souffle Forms

A while ago I got a lovely gift-card from my brother in law and his wife to one of my favourite shops in Vienna. For the longest time I didn´t manage to go there, but when I finally made my way through town, I found something that I have wanted to have for quite some time: Souffle-forms. Now I just need some fabulous recepies. Any suggestions welcome! (In addition I got a funny mug and a great postcard...)


                                         All picture above taken with my IPhone.

Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

Glimpse in to our China Cabinet

Every time I walk past our china cabinet that I brought here all the way from Dhaka, it puts a smile on my face...Just love the Wik&Walsoe mugs, found in the small china-stalls in Dhaka, also the white serving bowls are from the street markets of Dhaka...but most of all it´s those Swedish Horses that my mother gave me. She got them from my Grandmother...and maybe one day I´ll pass them on to my own kids...

                                               Picture taken by me

Something Knitted...

How do you like these knitted interiors?? I don´t know if I would take the lamp or the chair (a little bit too much for my taste), but a little bit here and there looks like a fun change...

                                             All pictures via nicety.livejournal

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012


I´m not a very good gardener, nor am I passionate about gardening, but I like the fact of using the space we have productivly. Glad some of the veggies/fruits came out as planned. Harvest time is soon over here...

                                                     All pictures taken by me...


Today we were dreaming of really starting a building project in the coming years. But there are soooo many houses that I quite like...Like these here:

                                             All pictures via freshome

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Party Planning

There is one blog that I just love every picture she puts online. I don´t know the woman but she has the ability to capture moments in a special way. Today I was surfing through her blog again,, when I came across this beautiful setting for a party....and since I am planning one again, I thought there are some great elements that I could use as well...

                                        All pictures from this blog

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Details of our Living Room

Do you know what I like most about our living room? It´s those small details that remind me of incredible times in my life and about how blessed I am. For instance I have this matryoshka that a friend brought me from Russia to Dhaka. It was just a present for the host but it was the start of a friendship you hardly experience in your life. There is a riksha between my book that reminds me of the busy, dusty streets in Dhaka that I once used to walk on. A wooden elefant from Bangkok brings back memories of the best holidays of my life. Every time I see the owl, that was a souvenier from a friend, I thank God for sweet friends here in Vienna (plus it reminds me of a particular fun night at a Mexican in Dhaka where I had difficulties to pronounce the word "owl" correctly). A Chinese wooden box that you can get in Kathmandu was one of the best birthday gifts I´ve ever gotten and fills my heart with thankfulness of having had the chance to work with  the best working collegues that one could ever wish for. There are also a number of pictures hanging on the walls over here, each one with a story. The two you can see in the picture I once got in Laos. It was then when I knew that I wouldn´t wanna live my life in an ordinary way...

                                               All pictures above taken by me.