Sonntag, 22. April 2012


We bought a few (17!!) old wooden chairs quite a while ago. Only the colours  weren´t that perfect but I knew that they could be become my favourite chairs if only someone (read: Steve) would paint them. After waiting patiently for a while (half a year) they look marvelous. The dining room (which we are still not using) has finally curtains. And those curtains perfectly match the chairs. Have a look yourselves....

Dienstag, 17. April 2012


 Did you know that each saffron crocus bears only three vivid crimson threads? So you can only imagine the amount of time one needs to collect these saffron threads, dry each one until they end in the package we are used to get it from the store. I don´t even want to think of the work to plant these flowers...Not only I would describe it as the queen of all spices. Only a few threads will turn your rice, soup, dessert or anything else into something really delicious. I didn´t know until lately that this crocuses are growing in Austria as well. And I happen to know someone who is selling luscious products made out of saffron. You could either drive to St.Pölten on a Saturday and meet her there at the market or you can order products online to spicen up your every-day-life.


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Dienstag, 10. April 2012


Life shouldn´t only be about good design or perfectly set tables. This Easter weekend we focused on long breakfasts and quality time with family and friends. Sometimes the most perfect thing for me doesn´t fit in any interior magazine or blog. But those things are made with love and that´s all that counts. Like the Easter Eggs the kids painted and decorated with passion or the sweetest Easter card, our youngest son wrote us.

...and guess what? He didn´t even get a bike from us now, he got it already last summer. But he loves it so much that he is still thankful. Maybe we should be more greatful as well for some things we already have and not always wish for things we don´t yet possess.

Samstag, 7. April 2012


This might be totally crazy. I have a new object of desire: GARDEN GNOMES (Gartenzwerge). Until now I have thought that they are a bit embarrasing or something for retired Austrian gardeners but being on a roadtrip last week and seeing them in so many gardens around the German speaking part of Europe, I actually think that they are super cool. I mean, I like them so much that I want some for my own garden. Steve, my husband, thinks that they are awful and that I might have gotten a little bit too much sun in the last week, but I might still have a chance to convince him that they are not THAT ugly ( I have my 30iest Birthday coming up and if that would be my only desire.....). Here a few pictures for you. What do you think about them?

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Freitag, 6. April 2012

Pictureperfect houses from Elsass

Imagine walking around a small village far away from modernity. Think about the cutest little village from a different century with colourful houses surrounded by wineyards. It´s spring, the trees are in full blossom and for a moment you can forget about all the trouble in life. You can forget all the unanswered emails, the work that needs to be done at home, the stress and unfinished essayes. I had the chance this week to do so. I am so greatful for nice relatives that happen to live in a beautiful city in Switzerland that happens to be close to France. To a real nice part of France, called Elsass. For a day we drove together over hills and through small villages. For a day my mind could rest and dream about a tiny house in a beautiful little village.