Donnerstag, 22. März 2012


I didn´t know that something like this would excist. It´s nutty, sweet, moist and extraordinary good: Baklava. We had visitors last weekend and my Canadian friend baked this tasty thingie and brought it for dessert. I am not necessary the person who likes to taste new things and I was a bit curious before taking the first bite (actually I took the save version by saying: "I´ll share mine with Steve"), but when the first fork-load was in my mouth, I wanted my own. No more sharing from my side!! I also realized that a small kitchen table is not too small for six adults if you share laughter and good stories together...


Ps. You shoud have seen one my friends face at uni during a rather boring lecture when I opened my dessert-lunch-box...I did give him a piece and now Cathy is the new hero :)

Inspirational and unconvential

Maybe it´s too much sun in the spring that makes my mind go creative. It might also be the influence of creative friends who keep on posting stuff on facebook and those links lead me on to new, undiscovered paths. The following pictures are all from Tododesign and I thought about where I could be creative and put a smile on passangers faces. There are so many sad things happening in our world, so why not brighten it up a little bit?!

Samstag, 17. März 2012


What a day it was yesterday! Saturday, sunny, warm, bright and did I mention warm already?! ;) I have been waiting for weeks for this winter to end and I think now it happened. Plus 24 degrees celcius. You could sit in the sun with only a tank-top. So nice. And the first flowers are up in the garden as well.

We have some good friends over from Finland for the weekend. We got to share with them the first picnic, the first lunch on the terrace and the first huge portion of Italian ice-cream while sitting outside. I so like this. And I have so much been waiting for this: Spring.

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Garden kitchen

I totally admit it: I am dreaming. Dreaming about the summer. And how absolutely cool it would be to have a small corner in the garden with an open kitchen. You know, nothing big but a corner with a cool grill/BBQ, a place to wash the dishes and a few nice boxes and classes. A place where you can cook, cut your watermelon and just be outside!! These garden-kitchens keep on popping in different magazines and I am simply slowely falling in love with them. Didn´t find the perfect pictures yet. But here a few ideas from pinterest:


Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Newest addition... our household machines is this bright red "Francis Francis" from Illy. Steve says it makes perfect espressos. I like the look and I have still no glue how good coffee is supposed to taste like. Sold ours away a couple of months ago to dear friends and now bought the same thing just in a different colour....I had to use all my bargain skills and after two weeks of hard bargaining I got this used machine for the price I wanted ;) Feels good. Welcome all coffee lovers to try it out.

Woman´s Day

It´s Woman´s Day. So I quickly baked a cake to celebrate this evening. If you are close by, you might wanna pop in and have a piece or two :)

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Flowers and a box of chocolate.

No. It´s not my Birthday. And it´s not a late Valentine´s Day gift from my husband. It´s a gift of new friendship. A reminder of a nice evening together. Talks and laughter.

Donnerstag, 1. März 2012


I know. Spring is coming soon. But it´s not quite here yet. On dark days like these I wish we would have more lights in our house. Not ordinary, normal lights but something funky and stylish. Like one of these:






Wishing you a lightful weekend....