Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012


Here I am again. Got all excited about blogging again ´cause I have now offically 13 readers!! ;) Also I am very much inspired and motivated to go on with the house decorating since I have a whole week of holiday left from university. Gotta do what I still can before crazyness of life starts again...
Well, we have this dining room where nothing fits together yet and I have to get some colour in there as well. And I want a poster. A really nice one. Or two. If the poster would have nice colours I could take those and get decorate the room according to the colours of the poster. Have been on a few sites but I still like the most. All the following posters are from their web-page and you can order them as well while I am thinking about what to do...

More posters on

Samstag, 25. Februar 2012


Believe it or not but one of the easiest desserts to make is Tiramisu. It´s not exactly the type of food you wanna eat during lent, but if you get really nice guests, you are allowed to make it (and maybe even taste a bit of it). Enjoy the creamy taste of something very Italian.

Tiramisu ala Karen and Ria:

*about 400g biscotti
*full small espresso cup of strong espresso
*500g mascarpone
*3 eggs
*100 g powdered sugar
*100ml whipped cream
* 2cl rum or amaretto
*dark cocoa powder

Seperate the yolk and the egg white. Beat the eggwhite until it´s stiff. Add the sugar, rum, whipped cream, mascarpone and rum to the egg yolk and mix it well. Next stir under the beaten eggwhite very carefully. And hola, your cream is ready. Now take a big class bowl out and lay the first layer of the biscottis. Sprinkle some of the strong coffee over the biscottis (use a spoon or one of those baking brushes), put one layer of your cream. Then add another layer of biscottis, sprinkle the espresso, add the cream etc. etc. until you are at the very top of yoour dish. The last layer should be covered with cream and then you just cover the whole thing with cocoa powder and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.
If you like coffee, make yourself a good espresso with it and enjoy!

Freitag, 24. Februar 2012


If I ever should get the chance to own my own small plot of land in Finland for a small summer-house I would build exactly THIS and sleep there every single summernight that I spend in Finland.

Picture from

Kids Room

Finally I have managed to open every single one of the boxes that came in the container from Bangladesh. The next thing to do is to get starting on the boys-room. I have to find really good solutions for a really diffcult room. It has a roof slope and the floor is build in two storeys. On top of those it´s really small. Nevertheless I was searching this Saturday morning online for ideas. And I quite like the following ideas even though I can´t implement all of them. The storage-wheel and the book-tree are my personal favourites.


   All pictures from: and and the last one from

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

Perfect pictures

I was about to answer a friend´s email when I realized a link she had sent me long time ago. I opened the link and for about 15 minutes I surfed on a blog with stunning pictures. And because it´s Valentine´s Day I decided to share my joy with you. Absolutley beautiful. I promise.


                                                    Happy Valentine´s Day to you <3

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012


Breakfast is a real good thing.  If you have the opporturnity to start your day with good food in a nice setting 
it´s definately worth all the effort. Collected some ideas for you today inspired by some fine breakfasts lately with friends.

Picture above some design from Finland:

..and here something from:

...and here you can find gorgeous tableware: (the next 5 pictures from their website)

                                Last something classy from a blogger:

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012


Today is the coldest day so far of this winter. In numbers that is -11 degrees celsius!!  I spent the last five years in Asia where the temperatures never dropped this low. As a person with very finish roots I brought all our bedding outside today to kill the dust-bugs.
If you would know me a bit, you would know that I really like slurpping my tea. I basically like any kind of tea and I can drink it at any time of the day. And I like to drink it from different kinds of cups. One of the nicest gifts I have ever gotten were these teapots/cups that my husband gave me over a year ago as a Christmas present.

Please note, that all the pictures above are taken by my phone-camera and are not eddited... ;) Point being: It´s not about the camera how good your pictures will turn out, it´s about having a nice background and enough LIGHT!! ;)

Of course I did surf a little in the world wide web for you today just to find out where to get nice tea-pots in case you would like one:
I would propably choose one of the following:

 ...and if you want real good tea in your teapot I would recommend: Clipper-tea. I haven´t found a store yet in Vienna where I could buy it, but if you happen to know, please, let me know it too!! And here a few pictures of the Clipper-teas because the packets just look so absolutley gorgeous.

There is nothing more left to say that enjoy your tea-time today...It´s soon five o´clock. So hurry to get your own pot ready ;) And yes, take a good piece of chocolate with it as well...