Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Funky Dinner

I have to share my joy with you, my dear readers, of an excellent restaurant we were invited to a couple of days ago. I simply loved the athmosphere (although I guess if you are together with great people, it doesn´t really matter where you go) and if you happen to be some day close to Vienna, it´s really a trip worth out of the city to visit the famous Marchfelderhof. Not only is the restaurant a sight in itself, the cuisine is some of the best you can get in the area.

Here a few pictures taken secretly with my iPhone. Maybe you can find some inspiring home-decorating ideas as well. It´s a little bit of too much stuff for a regular home (at least for my taste) but it´s interesting to wander around and go back in time and make lists in your mind what it would be worth to collect.


Ps. My absolute favourite place: The toilet.

Forgotten Games

A Christmas tradition (and maybe the thing I like most about Christmas besids delicious food) in our family is to play all kind of board- and card-games during the whole holiday week. We take out the games that have been in the shelves for a long time and just play. Sometimes I get to play my favourites like THE train-game, CARCASSONE, Take it easy or Bohnanza and not to forget to mention: American Dominoes. We had most of our games with us when living in Dhaka and one of the most precious things to get from our shipment boxes were the games. If you ever need any game ideas, mail me :)

Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Christmas greetings from Vienna

Just wanna wish my readers a peaceful Christmas with this images of Vienna:


            Merry Christmas, Ihanaa Joulua, Angenehmes Fest, Bhalo Shubo Nobo Botshor.......

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011

Post from England

I simply LOVE getting regular mail. Today I got something really nice and funky from a dear friend from England. Very stylish. Very vintage. Very Jessie (and me). Tomorrow I´ll start cooking/baking for our family Christmas and I will be wearing this apron and think of my friend <3

Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Girls Party Part 2

 Great Party. Great girls. And I am the luckiest mother on earth to have a daughter like Naomi...Happy Birthday sweety-pie <3

Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

Girls Party--- Part 1

My baby-girl will be 11 tomorrow. And I guess every girl wants to have a cool party every once in a while. You know a party where no boys are allowed and you can giggle around with your best friends. I decided to get you inspired as well and take you on this trip of planning, doing and enjoying!

Of course everything always starts with good planning (I love my little note-book where I can plan things no matter where I am) 

We have the tradition that the birthday-kid can always choose the cake. This time on the wish list was a chocolate cake:

Sometimes party preperations concists of more than just baking ;) We got our new dining table yesterday!!! Glad I have a man to built it together...

I couldn´t resist trying out a new berry-muffin recipe...


 No illusion that my kitchen would look like the kitchen´s in the interior magazines while baking!!


But I happen to have the most wonderful little sister on earth who voluntairly cleaned up my whole mess last night and did the dishes while I was out on a party with Steve. Maybe the motivation for that was this gorgeous kitchen towle that a dear friend brought me last weekend from Finland?! I love the design, the colours and the finish words on it.

 More will follow later today when the party is over....

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011


Sometimes you will find the most inspiring interior in unexpected places. Like yesterday. I walked with a dear friend into a big clothing store and all of the sudden I found myself ot admiring the clothes but the design of the shop. So I started taking pictures with my iphone and thinking how I could use some of this awesome style in my very own home as well. Have a look:


If you one day should fancy some excellent chocolate that is not made in a huge fabric, you should come to Vienna. There are several of these tiny little chocolate shops downtown where you just pop in and travel back in time. You can find the classics, but also the greatest combinations that you never thought to excist!


Here a good link to all my German-speaking readers. This blogger has a good collection of Chocolateries downtown Vienna including opening hours and addresses.