Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

(Dream) Houses

Some days I find myself dreaming of building (read: Steve and his buddies building) a house for our family. There are so many really amazing houses. It will be (read: would be) a difficult decision one day to find the perfect place. Let´s say if money wouldn´t be an obstacle, these could be some really good options:

Something by the water. Always nice.

I wouldn´t say no to a weekend house like this:

Just like this one:

 I know, this is a bit green, but it looks fantastic:

Wow, what a house in South-Asia! During my years in Bangladesh I wouldn´t have said no to this either! ;)

I think this is definitley something realistic for the future ;)...

Now I have reviled what I do instead of STUDING....I search on this great website: for houses!! But for now I really have to stop and start reading my book for uni again!!! But if you ever are bored or if you look for inspiration, then this is definitley the website to do so.
One more and then I am offline...

                                All pictures from the website: