Mittwoch, 28. September 2011


I really like to order things. Do you?? It gives me the feeling of having everything sorted out. I like this corner in our living room with the books and beside this three suitcases that I found on the attic. The suitcases have memories stored: old letters, pictures and my husbands important (read: ugly) jacket that he ones got on his road-trip to Kazakhstan from a drunken truck driver. Memories are important. They have made us to the persons we are today. That´s why I think it is important to keep some of them.

Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

Wall Stickers

I was just surfing on a gorgeous finnish blog: and found this simply amazing link to wallstickers:
You should really check that page if you haven´t before. Love the ideas.

To do

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Bird spotting

Without really noticing before, I think I like birds. Not the real ones but the pictures of them ;) In my kitchen I have them in several places. Can you find them on the pictures? All those bird-things I have not bought on the same day or even year. Found them all in my boxes and now they "live" in perfect harmony in our kitchen. And I like them. Maybe because birds are so free. They can go anywhere they want. They have wings and I often wish I would have some too... 

Samstag, 17. September 2011

Coffee and Breakfast Corner

In our kitchen there is this corner. And it has become our very favorite corner. Steve has his coffee machines there, the kids have their muesli & cereals in the boxes and I have my tea. My Dad gave his super cool, old Bialetti Espresso Machine that had been sitting in the garage for years...I love it and Steve is glad that he didn´t dump it earlier...

A glimpse of something I like.

Guess what? Two weeks ago we finally moved into our house. The kitchen is my dream-kitchen and I got my open shelf. I started unpacking my nicest porcelain, put the loveliest things on the shelve and left to pick up my daughter from school. When I arrived the whole thing had crushed down leaving only four plates unbroken. Almost everything that I loved was on this shelf. My sister took a picture with her phone which I hope to get one day to share my sorrow with you.  

 But there is a song that has the lyrics: "Don´t give up...." Do you know it?!I am not giving up. I am still waiting for all my things from Bangladesh which is not an easy school of patience for me. But I still want to believe that one day everything will be in this house.

Some things you can´t replace. Like these beautiful cups that I got from my mother. She got these as an engagement gift and I had put them on a special spot on the open shelve. Now they are gone. And all I have left is this picture that I took a week before to post here for you and brag about the nicest cups I had ever gotten! I know, I can go to flee-markets and get something similar. But no, it´s not the same because they don´t have my mothers love in them. Luckily I carry my mother´s love in my heart as well ;).


Steve bought this funny cup holder in Helsinki. It found a place in our toilet. You can place your morning coffee on it and smile and think: "It will only get better!" ;)

A gift.

Yesterday we had some dear friends visiting. Susi surprised me with this wonderful flowers that she got from their village- farmer. I guess these are the last flowers for this summer... Absolutely stunning to bring colour into any kitchen.